8 Rules for a Happy Life



Every day is like uncovering a new page of life. But of course, we must make  each page worth turning. One way to realize that is to be happy and make other people happy! I’m sure you’ll agree with that. It’s such a great feeling to always smile and share laughter to others. It’s an overwhelming emotion whenever you see the world around becoming positive to the energy you’re giving.

Let me ask you… when was the last time you send out genuine happiness to your family and the people around you?

Wondering how, here are some tips you can follow.

1. Surround yourself with genuinely happy people

Happiness is like a diseases so contagious. So, it’s best to be with people who can share you the most valued times. Avoid people who will give you negativities.

2. Focus on being happier rather than ‘just’ happy

It’s hard to describe happiness. For some individuals, it may mean a feeling of joy, nut for others it’s all about about peace and contentment. Whatever your definition, find ways to have more of it in your life.

3.Be less materialistic…

As the common saying goes, the happiest people don’t necessarily have the most riches int he world. As a matter of fact, happiness can be measured by how much contented you are. No matter how less money you are, as long as you are happy with your life (stress-free!) you can definitely claim to be someone who’s having a happy life.

4.Create valuable experiences…

Leave something that is worthy on everything you do. Join charities. Help others. Write a book. Be kind always.

5. Be healthy (inside and out!)

Never underestimate the power of becoming physically and mentally healthy. Take a look at the list below:

  • Take a short walk outside. Feel the fresh air and calm yourself as you do the walking exercise.
  • Choose a book that is worth reading. Be inspired and read something more.
  • Don’t forget to do exercise.
  • Be cautious in choosing your foods, even where you put your foods. Take for instance a lunch bag cooler. That would definitely help 🙂
  • Get enough sleep. As always, sleep is the best form of rest.
  • Widen your horizon. Travel a lot. Meet new people. Visit a friend. Do something that can fill your heart with awesome happiness.
  • Focus on enhancing your passion and hobbies. Develop your craft, share your talents. Be open with opportunities on developing yourself and improving your self esteem and confidence.
  • Maintain peace in your mind, happiness in your heart. Be positive always and make it contagious.

So, are you happy now? Share your happiness today!


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