Guide Kids to Healthy Living Though You Are a Busy Working Mom

Are you a mom? Do you have job? How long do you spend time with your kids on a day? Can you still prepare their lunch bags for school? If no longer, are you aware of what they bring in their lunch bags to school?

Managing your work and your family can stress you mentally and physically. You may suffer in a dilemma that you can’t take care of your kids, even yourself. Succeed on both area is a success indeed. But how is it possible? Worry not now for we are here with five tips to make your meals healthy for you and your family.

1. Eat together with the family
Eat healthy together with the family. Often, this activity happens in a restaurant or other food chain. Some food in their menu sounds healthy but most of the time it’s unhealthy. But when you do this at home and you grabbed a bagged salad or a rotisserie from the grocery store you can have it healthy and discuss over what your schedule is the whole day, if this be done for breakfast or what had happen the long day on dinner. And even remind everyone to have healthy meals wherever they go.

2. Have a plan
One of the most important key to healthy living is meal planning. It makes life easier and smooth. Plan what you would buy before dropping by at a grocery store for you to spend less time at the grocery store. If you have planned already, you won’t need to hunt at the grocery store. This would also keep you away from drive-thru.

3. Pursue breakfast
Don’t let anyone leave the house without breakfast as an ultimatum. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Kids who eat breakfast typically do better and actively participate at school. This gives us better memory and concentration. Don’t make breakfast be taken for granted.
4. Love fruits and veggies
For a concerned parent, they would put fruits and vegetables on top of the grocery list. When you buy, buy as much as you can and buy fruits and vegetables that can be kept frozen or kept for a long time. Though kids aren’t so fond of eating fruits and vegetables, make fruits and vegetables sound crunchy or enjoyable. Telling kids the importance of these would be a help also for them to love fruits and veggies.

5. Limit screen time
On this generation, kids spend more time on screen, meaning they play a lot of video games, watching TV or surfing through their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Encourage your kids to have limit with these activities. Spending too much in front of these “techy” things would be unhealthy for the kids.

Now with these tips, we can make our kids nutrition healthy. Working parent, especially moms can now improve the lives and health of your children where good health is also a basic need.
Lastly, remember this, spend less at a grocery store and spend more at home with your family! Enjoy and live a healthy life!


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