Make Your Kids Fond With Healthy Foods! Here’s How

Kids’ attention are totally easy to get swayed. It’s even harder to get their attention when you give them green leaves for meals. It’s true that kids can be very picky when it comes to food, and if you want your kid to eat healthy home cooked food and not all that fast food thing, you may need to trick your little kids a little. Also, if you want to surprise them upon opening their lunch bags or prepare an amazing lunch, these creatively made fun healthy foods as your source of healthy motivation!

  • Value Mornings

Some family skip breakfast which is totally the most important meal of the day. Yet, it is the meal taken for granted. Seek for high-fiber cereals for a quick remedy

  • Shop together

.Get some quality time together and have your kids choose the vegetables they are willing to try to discover their type. Also, introduce new veggies each grocery day then add it to their meal.

  • Introduce new foods, SLOWLY

This may be tough. Kids have phobia to new food, especially when it’s green in color. Having a story about their favorite character or tv icon who eats some kind of healthy foods would help, whether it is a fact or some story you made up.

  • Get them cooking

Kids would enjoy what they prepared. Even they refuses to eat healthy fruits or vegetables, when they are involved on making meals like fruit shake or fruit cakes, they would eat them once the food is done.

  • Have a family garden

Gardening would teach kids about how vegetables differ a lot to the usual processed foods. Not only is it a good way to spend time together, but from selecting preparing the land, plowing, planting the seeds, to watering, weeding and for the final exciting part, harvesting makes us invested to our food — and kids would more likely to at least taste the fruit of their labor.

  • Make fun

The more creative the meal is prepared, the greater the chance kids would eat. You can make smiley-face pancakes that would surprise them when they open their lunch bag. Or a bread toast shaped from hearts and stars, which the kids will surely love.

  • Be their role model

Balance your diet. As long as you select smart food choices and physical activity, your children will learn to do the same.

Encouraging kids to eat healthy foods can be a real struggle. It is just a matter of creativity and perseverance. Moms won’t easily give up when it comes to their kids’ health.


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